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ange HS SM17Actor, dancer, storyteller, choreographer, director, puppeteer, singer, educator & visual artist

and…The Ta Daa Lady & Nylon Zoo

Angela Brown – an energizer at TedX Stanley Park March 3rd, 2018 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver B.C.

Angela’s energizer was called ‘From the Heart’ a 5 minute extravaganza, encouraged the audience to laugh, play, move, dance and create. The audience were taken on an adventure using movement and voice without using words – they flew like wind, floated like water, vibrated like fire and grounded themselves into the earth. They sighed with tenderness, hummed with delight, jumped with joy and were invigorated as if dancing on a bright sunny day.  The goal of this energizer was to open the audience’s hearts to create vibrations to send out into the world. Angela is requesting that anyone who watches it share, comment and like the video. Google ‘Angela Brown Tedx’.


Angela Brown specializes in play and spontaneity. She is an arts educator, improviser, singer, dancer and theatre expert.  Her stage name ‘The Ta Daa lady’  and her performances in her Nylon Zoo which is a family based, celebratory event with a variety of inflatable sculptures for storytelling inside along with wide variety of costumes (all sizes) for parades and dances (originally created by Evelyn Roth). Angela  explores environmentally sensitive themes bringing enchantment and awareness around issues like zero waste and endangered species

Recent work

art heartintwirlsmHeart on Fire (Watercolor) Artist: Angela Brown



Monkey King & Folktales

One of the most enduring Chinese literary characters comes to life to entertain children and adults!

Through mime, magic, jokes, stories and music, the audience will be introduced to the Monkey King and other folktales as well as Chinese music and instruments.

The Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble (VCME) and storytellers, Gerardo Avila and Angela Brown, offer an hour of fabulous music and comedy.


 The Ta Daa Lady


Ta Daa and her puppet Stumpy performed two shows on Family Day 2018.

One in the morning at the Cambie Community

Centre in Richmond, B.C and in the afternoon at the Bill Copland Arena in Burnaby B.C.(video above)

A few years back, Ta Daa toured the Fraser Valley libraries in March with a puppet show, some of Ta Daa’s interactive songs ending with an interactive story.

Angela Brown Letter of Recommendation_signature

Attached is a letter of reference from Christine Conroy, the facilitator of the tour



The Nylon Zoo is a celebratory and magical event offered by The Ta Daa Lady. Each event includes an interactive storytelling inside a one of Ta Daa’s colorful, hand-made inflatable sculptures. The above video is from The Greater Vancouver Zoo in 2018. Angela has a wide variety of inflatables in her collection;  Salmon, Dragon, Whale, Dinosaur, Rainbow Dome, Eco Dome and Castle. Each NYLON ZOO event begins with a puppet show (Stumpy the Puppet). Together, Ta Daa and Stumpy  entertain as well as inform the audience as to what excitement awaits them. Then the audiences come inside the gated area and chooses a costume. We all go on lively and fun-loving costume parade and dance. At one point in the parade, we make a circle and each animal or character in the parade gets perform in the centre, transforming into their animals through creative movement. Angela has a wide selection of costumes, animals and plants, for all sizes and all ages. Each Nylon Zoo event lasts approximately 25 minutes. The Zoo is highly interactive and it’s for the whole family.  After the parade, the audience is invited into a the beautiful, animated inflatable sculpture for interactive storytelling.

For more information on the NYLON ZOO, see the tab and scroll down for each inflatable.






Above a photo from UMBUTU (Angela dancing and projections of her art)

Angela is a performer and visual artist with True North Performance. The group just finished performing this interdisciplinary piece at the Scotia Bank Dance Centre early March in Vancouver B. C. This project is called ‘Umbutu” integrating vocal body, dance. singing, visual art (some projections of Angela’s art) incorporating, one of Evelyn Roth’s kinetic, white sculpture for projections and for the dancers to animate.  (see Performance Art under visual art and on Facebook  ’Angela Brown Visual and Performance Artist.  We combine a variety of art forms in a truly collaborative fashion. Catherine Lee – Artist Director.


Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery’s (VAG)  events that took place in November of 2015,  highlighted Evelyn Roth’s wearable art and moving sculptures fro the 1970s. The pieces were choreographed and directed by Angela Brown and were a part of the exhibition  ‘Between Object and Action’ – Transforming Media in the 1960’s and 70s – Oct. 30 – Jan.’16 featuring the work of three artists from the 1970′s.

BACKGROUND: During the late 1960s and early 70s, Vancouver’s art scene was electrified by a spirit of experimentation that challenged the traditional boundaries of painting, sculpture and other media. Blurring these categories, artists introduced the beginning of installation and performance art in Vancouver. This show will highlight the work of “4 key practitioners during this period: Kate Craig and Eric Metcalfe (a.k.a. Dr. and Lady Brute), Gathie Falk, Carole Itter and Evelyn Roth. Angela has been  collaborating with Evelyn Roth since 1999 on a variety of projects including storytelling, dance, visual and performing art and The Nylon Zoo with Evelyn’s spectacular inflatable sculptures and costumes. Angela has toured to Australia, Singapore and Malaysia to work with Evelyn and to perform various works at a number of venues. Evelyn designated Angela as director and choreographer to animate her work  for three events that appeared at the VAG in November 2015  for FUSE,  ‘Pay what you Can’  Tuesday night and Family Fuse.



FF ARTS UB ALL JUMPSMOne of two pieces presented at the VAG’s Family Fuse was called “Jumpy Jumpy” with dancers dancing in Evelyn Roth’s exciting woven costumes.

Performed by Arts Umbrella Intermediate Dancers; Palas Scandolari, Shaolin Young, Ruth Lee, Lilianna Levy Gay, music by Ross Barret and Holly Burke.




Molluscs” also created by Evelyn Roth,  presented at Family Fuse, choreographed and performed by Angela Brown & Yayoi Hirano.

Music by Holly Burke and Ross Barret.



Angela and Janet walker as a “Sea Pens” – an evocative wearable art piece created by Evelyn Roth

Peter & the Wolf

Angela works with West Coast Chamber Music as storyteller/puppeteer/dancer for their concert series and is presently on the Art Starts touring roster. They are booking schools tours all over B.C.

This 45 minute performance includes Classical music,  puppets and body puppets, dance, mime along with narration by Holly Duff and  music by Alan Crane and Ross Curran.

 Historical Performance Ensemble


Catherine Lee (Artistic Director). We are available to tour to schools with a series of performances and workshops based on Renaissance and/or Baroque dance, music, Commedia dell’Arte and costuming.