Voices of the Fraser

 An educational, musical revue of the history of the settlement of the Fraser River Delta written and directed by Angela Brown. This is a dynamic and entertaining play is a thoroughly researched account of the conditions of the early settler’s lives. Portrayed through characterization, acting, and song, we meet the cornerstones of the founding industries along the Fraser River, Delta, Ladner and New Westminster. Key events in B.C’s history were re-enacted on Deas Island (2006 – 2008) where several heritage buildings have been relocated, and a portion of the park has been allocated to historical preservation. This event, sponsire3d by Metro Vancouver was attended by over 5000 people including elementary school students, as well as a special visit by the mayor. The interactive, site-specific play was a great success!


Cannery scene from Voices of the Fraser performed by Vince Cheng



Fraser River Revue

 One of the songs… “Darn Those Skitters” a distraught farmer and his farm animals sing about the hardships of living along side the Fraser and dealing with mosquitoes the size of bumblebees! “The Salmon Lament” is sung by three giant salmon who speak to us humans about their struggle and plight. The song and comic bits are performed by three salmon…are Flip, Finn and Gill. Since the onset of the Fraser River review we three fish have been performing this piece at The Coho Walk at the Cleveland Dam North in Vancouver every September.

IOCO Day (2011 & 2012)