Fraser River Revue

The Fraser River Revue

The Fraser River Revue is a half hour, musical play with Angela Brown and Brian Leslie. The show is filled with comic bits, songs and stories of B.C. History.

Angela and Brian form a large cast of characters which include; two salmon, a cow, a sheep, a chicken, Simon Fraser. Songs like “Dyke the Mighty Fraser” (we’ll build a farm right here) and “Darn Those Skitters” all about farming along the Fraser River Delta and the torture of dealing with those gigantic mosquitos.


Brian Leslie as a farmer in the Delta around 1900

The show received funding from Metro Vancouver and Pacific Salmon Foundation in Vancouver.

The first excerpt is a bit from a scene from Fraser River Revue with myself and Brian Leslie. In this scene, Brian plays Mr. Thomas Ladner who settled with his brother William in the Fraser River Delta. He speaks of his history and why and how he ended up in Ladner. In the second excerpt, Mrs. Ladner joins him and the sing about Diking the Mighty  Fraser the third excerpt is bits from a scene with Farmer Green who settled right on the shore of the Fraser and all the change he saw since he first settled.

This is the 5-hander version of Fraser river Revue  that was performed for Voice of the Fraser, Fraser Fest and Rivermania.