Nylon Zoo

The Nylon Zoo




Angela Brown’s Nylon Zoo has seven different inflatables.

For more information on each inflatable and on set up of the zoo, see side tabs.

Angela Brown: The Ta Daa Lady & The Nylon Zoo

Nylon Zoo Inflatables Sculptures, Costume Parades and Dances created by Evelyn Roth

Angela Brown, based in Vancouver B.C. is well known as The Ta Daa Lady. She is the owner and operator  of the Canadian factor of the Nylon Zoo  - a series of unique, inflatable sculptures for storytelling inside.

The Nylon Zoo event also includes a wide variety of costumes for parades and dance for the whole family; animals flowers, leaves plants and trees in the Zoo, originally created by world-renowned artist Evelyn Roth.

Costume Parades & dances

Angela often tours festivals with both her stage show(s) and the Nylon Zoo. she has performed at the Steveston Salmon Festival with both Events for 10 years no.

“Angela became my site manager, storyteller and dance parade leader about 17 years ago. Now she runs her own Nylon Zoo.  She is the most talented, versatile and exciting performer I know…whoever she works with is blessed by her presence.” Evelyn Roth (Creator of Nylon Zoo)  Evelyn Roth Festival Arts, Maslim Beach, Australia


Buckley Valley Exhibition 2016

In August 2016, my song, Casey Mons, and I were at the Buckley ValleyExhibition. We had with us Evelyn Roth’s fabulous creations; a hand-made inflatable salmon and costumes of animals and plants for parades. The photos were taken by Casey Mons. The song (Silver Water) was written and sung by Angela Brown & Stumpy the puppet. Silver Water was arranged by Deva Neal and Casey Mons. Lots of fun,  great people and lots of animals including animals (costumes)  in the nylon zoo.

“At the 97th Annual Bulkley Valley Exhibition, Angela performed both as “The Ta Daa Lady” and as “Angela Brown’s Nylon Zoo”. She delighted our audiences with her engaging and positive personality, and the kids especially enjoyed the chance to dress up in crazy and colourful costumes and go inside the inflatable salmon as part of the Nylon Zoo. Angela is an incredibly enthusiastic, professional and talented performer!” Tirion Grice BVE Smithers, B.C.

Whistler Street Entertainment 2016

The Ta Daa Lady & the Nylon Zoo regularly perform for Whistler Street Entertainment

and for the Whistler Children’s Art Festival.

“As usual, your performances were tip-top and it was great to see you!”Anna Solich, Whistler Street Entertainment Coordinator, Whistler Arts Council, B.C.


Pacific Rim Whale Festival 2014

Myself and my Nylon Zoo performed in Tofino and Ucluelet in 2014 for one of my all time favorite festivals. I had my beautiful, Blue Whale with her baby attached. The audience came inside the whale for interactive storytelling, Beforehand, they choose a colorful costume for parades and dances. I also offered two workshops in interactive storytelling.



NZ WRD COST PREPARESMI had a wonderful time at World Rivers Day in Langley. The location of my Nylon Zoo inflatable salmon and costumes was perfect. This beautiful, colourful salmon created by Evelyn Roth and the costumes (all sizes) the audience wears for parades fit in perfectly with this event. This festival is a fun and friendly event with lots of activities for families. I would highly recommend it for next year.

“I just want to say a great big THANK YOU for coming out to our World Rivers Day!! You were a HUGE success with your Ta Daa Lady show and the Nylon Zoo and we hope to secure you for next year! “Ashley Anne, Education Programs Coordinator, Langley B.C.


14390716_636005173243407_565169920858065704_nI was at Country Celebration September 2016. this two day festival is sponsored by Metro Vancouver. This year was my 10th year there with my Nylon Zoo. this year I had my Rainbow Dome with me. The photos above and below are taken by Tom Tasse. This festival  is one of my favourites.

If anyone wants to make it a priority for next year, it normally takes place around the middle of September.


NZ OUT SAL LILLSMThe children exiting the mouth of the salmon after the story

My son and I traveled by car to Lilloette in May this year. We set up the Zoo in the middle of a spectacular vista. A roaring creek with huge mountains surrounding us. It was an amazing location, a great opportunity and a refreshing change.


NZ ZOO KINGsmI had the great pleasure of presenting my Nylon Zoo Dinosaur and Costume parades and dances as well as my Ta Daa Lady show for the GVZ this summer 2016. In the above photo, a child from the audience (one of the Dragon King’s children)  presenting a letter to a carpenter by the name of Chang where the Dragon King is requests his help to repair his underwater castle.



The Hyde Creek Salmon Festival continues to bring back the salmon for the fall run. This festival provides an opportunity for participants to observe and celebrate the return of salmon to their spawning grounds in Hyde Creek after their miraculous journey home. This year, 2016 will be Angela Brown’s sixth year at the festival with her Nylon Zoo. Above video by Tom Tasse.


Golden spike dragon 14“Thank you very much for attending the Golden Spike festival Port Moody B.C. The Nylon Zoo dragon was a hit!  I look forward to working with you both in the near future.  We will definitely be in touch with you for next year. Christina Martino, Festival Organizer


Photos by Casey Mons at Fat Cat Festival Kelowna B.C.

“Great job, as always Angela – I just love the energy, creativity and color you add to the Festival.” Dorothee Birker, Innovex Events,South Kelowna B.C.


“Angela Brown, and both her shows: “The Ta Daa Lady”, and her very impressive “Nylon Zoo”  have been the highlight of our Kid’s area and  stage for two consecutive years. She is hugely entertaining and engages the youngsters at some many levels, from sheer brilliant slapstick comedy, thoughtful (but always humorous). There seems to be something for everyone.  She engages her audience all times, hosting a storytelling dance and costume workshop and then leading the group on a parade through the grounds. Very impressive! It would be hard to recommend a more professional, impressive, and entertaining children’s performer than Angela Brown.”  Todd Stockner, Artistic Director, Kispiox Valley Music Festival, Hazelton B.C.

More Festivals

Other festivals Ta Daa and the Zoo regularly performs at on B.c. are: Surrey International Children’s Festival, Party for the Planet in Surrey,  Salmonberry Festival Vancouver, Shadbolt Festival of the Arts for Rhodo Fest in May and VSO festival in July, Mission Children’s Festival, Teddy Bear Picnic  in Coquitlam, Salmon Festival in  Steveston, Vancouver Folk Festival, Burnaby Village Museum, London Heritage Farm in Steveston, Play Palooza and Holly Picnic  Wrap Up Festivals in Surrey. In Langley: World Rivers Day and Country Celebration, Kokanee Festival in Kelowna, Salmon Come Home Coquitlam. Angela has also performed at: Kispiox Music Festival, Robson Valley Music Festival B.C. and Arts Wells B.C.

The Ta Daa Lady also has a variety of stage shows and roving characters in her repertoire for festivals and special events. Angela often tours festivals with  her Ta Daa Lady Show, storytelling shows, roving characters as well as the Nylon Zoo.

Zoo Creator – Evelyn Roth
The creator of the Zoo is Evelyn Roth; a world renowned artist in both fabric art and wearable art  and as a visual and performance artist. Evelyn is the creator of these unique and colorful inflatable sculptures and costumes for parades in the Nylon zoo. She is originally Canadian but  she now resides in Maslim Beach Australia with her talented painter husband John Davis (evelynrothoz.com)