Ta Daa Lady and Nylon Zoo Eco Dome

Ta Daa Lady & Nylon Zoo Eco Dome

The audience is invited  into this unique, interactive, hand-made, hand- painted dome created by Evelyn Roth, and painted by Mehlinda Heartt and Angela Brown.

Throughout the interactive storytelling, we visualize a world where we are one with nature; respecting, restoring and preserving animals, salmon, plants, forests, wetlands, rivers and streams. We plant a seed in the ground and the seed of love in our hearts.

 The audience sings along with Ta Daa a song punctuated with gestures. The song, written by Angela is called  ’In the Heart of a Seedling“In the heart of a seedling, buried deep in the ground, a tiny seed sleeping, not making a sound“.

Nylon Zoo Eco Dome at Country Celebration Langley B.C.


Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby B.C. Rhodo Festival

The story is all about restoration, replanting and believing in the power of the seed in the ground and in our hearts. Through interactive storytelling and song, the audience is encouraged to visualize this power and how it connects to nature and to ourselves.


Eco Dome at Burnaby Civic Square, Burnaby B.C. for summer performance series

At the end of the story, the children plant (velcro) cloth leaves, fruit, veggies, salmon and small animals on the surface of the dome.

 Each child (and adult) gets at least two pieces to place on the  wall of the dome. A child plants a salmon in the stream,  veggies, fruits, flowers, butterflies, squirrels, bumble bees in the air and on the trees.

A child is placing fruit on the surface of the dome..


For ages from 3 to 12 years.

When children are 4 or younger,  the parents are advised to come in dome with them.

The event comes with or without  costume parades

SITE SIZE: 30′ X 50′