The Salmon

The Salmon

Created by Evelyn Roth &

The Salmon is one of Evelyn Roth’s most gorgeous inflatables. The colors of the salmon are so bright and beautiful, it’s like a cathedral inside. “I love hearing the children say, as they enter at the tail…”Wow! This is so Cool!”  “I want to camp in here!”


The Ta Daa Lady and the Nylon Zoo were at the Salmon festival as well as World Rivers Day (video above). This past year was Angela’s 12th year at this festival.



Angela Brown, The Ta Daa Lady had her salmon and costumes (created by Evelyn Roth) at this event yet again. She also presented her stage show ‘the Ta Daa Lady Show’. Photos by Tom Tasse.

“Thanks Angela, you are a pleasure to work with and such an amazing performer. We would love to see you, yet again for next year.” Sarah Atherton, Education Programs Coordinator Langley Environment Partners Society

Nylon Zoo Salmon Whistler Street Entertainment 2016

Angela Brown, The Ta Daa Lady, was in Whistler B.C. in June 2016 with the Nylon Zoo and her beautiful, hand-made salmon for street entertainment and her colorful costumes all made by Evelyn Roth. She also had her best pal in the world, Stumpy the puppet.


Quotes from Whistler Arts Council

“Thank you again for coming out and making the street entertainment July 12th & 15th 2013 such a colourful blast! As usual, your performances were tip-top and it was great to see you! Take care, thanks for everything!’ Anna Solich, Whistler Street Entertainment Coordinator

Hi – I just wanted to let whomever organizes the Street Entertainment activities that my 3 year old had an awesome time with the Ta Daa Lady. She can’t stop talking about the costumes and the inflatable dragon and the stories… It made a huge impression on her. We didn’t know there would be entertainment when in the village when we wandered over to the playground yesterday afternoon and we were pleasantly surprised to find arts & crafts activities and the Nylon Zoo. I’d like to thank the WAC for organizing such events. We had come up from Vancouver for some skiing on Sunday thinking we would likely not be back until next winter. However after our experience yesterday and taking a look at the amazing calendar of events you have all summer long we will certainly make it a point to get back to Whistler sooner than later! As a note, I am back from Seattle and a holder of a new Canadian VISA ;-) I will be seeing you plenty more! Sincerely,” – Michelle

Hyde Creek Salmon Festival

This Festival continues to provide an opportunity for participants to observe and celebrate the return of salmon to their spawning grounds in Hyde Creek after their miraculous journey home. November 2016 this will be Angela’s fifth year at the festival with her Salmon and her wonderful costumes for the whole family made by Evelyn for parades & dances.

Art Walk, Nylon Zoo, Whistler B.C.

The Ta Daa Lady, was in Whistler B.C. for Art Walk  with her puppet Stumpy, the inflatable salmon and a variety of costumes by Evelyn.

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