Wetland Inflatables


Beaver & the Moose

For World Rivers Day in Langley B.C. in 2017, the theme of the Festival was the beaver. I have a cute little inflatable made by Evelyn Roth called ‘Log Jam’. I used my puppets “Matt the Moose” and “Billy the Beaver” to inform and entertain the audience about the importance of wetlands and how they need to be protected.



Rainbow Dome Wetlands

Inside the Rainbow Dome, I set up a backdrop and behind which, I present my puppet show with Sammy the Salmon and Billy Beaver. This was shot at Salmon Come Home in Coquitlam B.C.

 Swamp Dome & Marsh Dome 

 Video above from Country Celebration, Langley B. C.  There are two inflatable domes (marsh and a swamp dome) that are attached by a zipper. Inflatables created by Evelyn Roth.



The audience meets Freddie the Tree Frog who is hiding behind a stump when they arrive in the dome.  The Ta Daa Lady spots him hiding behind a stump and gently picks him up and aks him why he is hiding. He shares his story about a swamp wetland that was once his home and now it is filled with this hard cold stuff. He found the swamp dome, his new home, but the trees  were cut down.

He asks the children “What should I do?”

This event offers a tremendous recreation and learning opportunity for all ages. Each event includes an interactive story,  puppetry, song and a costume parade.

This is  an intriguing, educational tool  which introduces the importance of wetlands. It informs the audience about how our eco system is closely connected. Wetlands are much like our kidneys, they filter water and make the water fresh clean water for drinking as well as reduce pollution, prevent flooding and the worst effects of droughts. We heed a warning that if we don’t take care of our wetlands, rivers, streams and lakes and waters, the many aquatic animals and wildlife that depend on it will be more endangered, there will be a shortage of fresh, clean water and more flooding.



Wetlands domes at Vancouver Folk Fest 2014

WD FF restoresmInside marsh dome

Marsh Dome -An overgrown wetland with coarse grasses, sledges and rushes.

Still or gently flowing water covers much of the surface during wetter seasons.

Swamp Dome

This dome  has inflatable stumps inside.

Each inflatable stump has a plastic opening with interesting facts about wetlands written inside.

redo info inside stumps

Swamp is essentially a wooded marsh, a waterlogged area supporting trees, tall shrubs, herbs, and mosses.

In the Swamp dome, there are interesting facts about wetlands inside inflatable stumps.

In the Swamp dome, there are inflatable stumps with interesting facts about wetlands inside.