Costume Parades & Dances

Nylon Zoo Overview

Song backtrack “Wash it Away” Written by performed by Angela Brown and arranged  by Vegarie Cendar.

Costume Parades 2016

The photos taken by Casey Mons and Tom Tasse. They are taken at three different festivals where the Nylon Zoo was  in 2016 – Vancouver folk Fest, Whistler Street Entertainment and London Heritage Farm in Steveston. Most of the costumes made  by Evelyn Roth, some by Brenda Webster and some by Ferrhlyn. The backtrack song written and performed by Angela Brown arranged by Vegarie Cendar.

Angela Brown: The Ta Daa Lady & The Nylon Zoo

The Ta Daa Lady’s The Nylon Zoo  was designed and created by the world-renowned artist Evelyn Roth. In Angela’s Zoo there are a wide variety of inflatable sculptures and costumes for parades and dances. The costumes are all sizes; animals, plants and flowers!

Music in video by Ross Barret

Buckley Valley Exhibition 2016

The Ta Daa Lady, Angela Brown and her son Casey Mons (stage hand, muscian and photographer) were at the Buckley Valley Exhibition in August of 2016. They had with them, Evelyn Roth’s fabulous creations; a hand-made inflatable salmon and costumes of animals and plants for parades Photos by Casey Mons. Backtrack song (Silver Water) written and sung by Angela Brown & Stumpy the puppet, arranged by Deva Neal and Casey Mons


 Slideshow from Fat Cat Festival Kelowna B.C. 2012

This was the first time I got to go to the Fact Cat festival. It is one of my favorites. Everyone is so kind and ready to have fun. As well, I get the best volunteers! For this festival, I brought the Rainbow Dome. Inside the Rainbow Dome, I perform  either Ta Daa Lady shows (clown, interactive song, puppetry and dance from my CD- Ta Daa Lady & her Puppets) or interactive storytelling.

Audience inside dome singing one of my interactive songs ‘Wash it Away’

Ta Daa has a variety of costumes to choose from, from very small sizes to adult sizes… birds, bats, bears, tigers, frogs and even a caribou!


Photos by Tom Tasse

We encourage moms and dads, grandmas and grandpa to dress up too!

Once the audience is dressed, they line up outside the gated area to begin their journey around the grounds. After a while, we find an open space and make a big circle and  each animal, plant or flower gets to do their unique dance portraying their character/animal.

tigerThe children look adorable in the costumes while bystanders are busy  taking photos.


Photo from Whistler Children’s Art Festival 2012