TA DAA LADY Costume Parades & Dances

Ta Daa Lady & Nylon Zoo Costume Parades & Dances

The Ta Daa Lady’s The Nylon Zoo, originally designed and created by the world-renowned artist Evelyn Roth, is   available through Angela Brown based in Vancouver B.C. Canada). Angela has are a wide variety of inflatable sculptures and costumes for parades and dances. Costumes are all sizes; animals, plants and flowers! Music in above video by Ross Barret.

Salmon in the lead

For each parade, the Ta Daa Lady assigned one father to be the Salmon. The salmon leads everyone back to the tent swimming up-stream,  jumping over rocks, along rivers and streams and even down waterfalls all the way back to the tent, the place he was born to spawn.


Whistler Children’s Art Festival

THE TA DAA LADY has been a part of the Whistler Children’s Art Festival since 2002. Each year, she brings one of her inflatable sculptures and a variety of colorful costumes all sizes for parades and dances. Costumes in this video created by Evelyn Ross and filming by Tom Tasse.

The photos taken by Casey Mons and Tom Tasse. The photos are taken at three different festivals  in 2016 – Vancouver folk Fest, Whistler Street Entertainment and London Heritage Farm in Steveston.

This song is written and performed by Angela Brown and arranged by Vegarie Cendar.


Costume Parades at Buckley Valley Exhibition 2016


Photos by Casey Mons. Backtrack song (Silver Water) written and sung by Angela Brown & Stumpy the puppet. Music arranged by Deva Neal and Casey Mons



 Slideshow of Costume Parades & Dances from Fat Cat Festival Kelowna B.C.

The Ta Daa Lady’s  first time at  the Fact Cat festival. It is one of my favorite festivals. Everyone is ready to have fun. Angela brought the Rainbow Dome with her. Inside the Rainbow Dome, She performed  Ta Daa Lady songs along with some clown turns, puppetry and dance. Songs from her CD- Ta Daa Lady & her Puppets).

We encourage moms and dads, grandmas and grandpa to dress up too!