Ta Daa Lady & her Puppets

Ta Daa Lady & her Puppets

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TD cd smI love to  use puppets in teaching, for roving and in performance. Puppets help to bridge the gap between adult and child, they act as a mediator. The children identify with the puppet, puppets are great for the imagination and for problem solving. In my stage shows and my storytelling performances,  my puppets help to build suspense and give meaning to the show.

Steveston, Richmond B.C. Canada Day


Golden Hair’ for Whistler’s New Years celebration

GH whist standsm14

Christmas performance Richmond Cubs, B.C.

NUNG STUMP sm14Stumpy is surrounded by children giggling and laughing when he  misunderstands a problem.

Rhodo Fest at Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby B.B.

NZ ED SHAD FRED STUMPSMTa Daa begins her Nylon Zoo event with her puppet Stumpy. Stumpy tells jokes, sings a song or two and helps to introduce the Zoo event.

Puppeteer and Ventriloquist Bio

Angela has worked as a puppeteer with Whole Loaf Theatre in Toronto, with Canadian Folk Puppets in Richmond B.C.  Angela studied puppet and puppet making with Zack Fraser in Montreal Canada. She has  offered workshops in puppetry to the Pre-school Teachers Association and Burnaby College Early Childhood Program

  Learning trough the Arts  Greater Vancouver B.C.

SOCK PUPPET SONG:DANCETeaching song and dance with sock puppets at Coyote Creek, Surrey B.C.

For elementary and for high school teachers in Nanaimo B.C.

“I am mailing you the Feedback sheets, so you can smother yourself with pride. Well done and thank you. As your workshop participants made it obvious, you were a great success.” Colin Gorrie”

Whistler Children’s Art Festival

Ta Daa lady is leading puppet workshop at Whistler Arts Children Festival

The Ta Daa Lady  leading a workshop in puppet making and animation the puppet