Ta Daa Lady Storytelling

Storytelling Performances

With the Ta Daa Lady


 Golden Hair for Family Day in Burnaby 2019


TD halloween 2

“We had the Ta Daa Lady at our outdoor Halloween event in 2108, the telling the tale of “the Terrible Monster”. The kids engaged right away with Stumpy the Puppet, and they were completely involved in the story. They came onstage to be different characters and the Ta Daa Lady supplied costumes as well. Parents were smiling all the way through! Angela’s ability to engage children is a wonder to watch. Her sincerity and the way she tells her stories engenders trust from her audience and her story supported concepts of helping and caring about others. I worked with Angela in the late 90′s as part of a Vancouver Parks and Recreation program, Bandwagon, she was and still is a very gifted and professional performer. I was so glad to reconnect with her these many years down the road!”  Meghan Munro, Office Administrator & Member Coordinator, Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Area, 301-3102 Main Street, Vancouver B.C. 2018



Chinese Full Moon Festival

The Ta Daa Lady presented three interactive stories for the Chinese Full Moon Festival  in Richmond B.C in 2017. The video above is for younger children

“Thank  you for another session of great storytelling”. Vanessa Tong-Pitcairn, City Center Community Center Richmond B.C.

Monkey King and other folktales

With the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble and Angela Brown and Gerardo Avila 

This is one of the most enduring Chinese literary characters comes to life for children and adults.

“Thank you Angela. It was a pleasure working with you and Gerardo”. Cenk, Artistic Director of  Ensemble, November 25th 2017

Monkey King & Other Folktales - Saturday, November 25, 2017 at The Annex

Through mime, magic,  jokes, mask, mine, stories and music, the audience was introduced to the Monkey King and other folktales as well as Chinese music and instruments. with the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble (VCME) and storytellers.

MK peaches

 Storytelling for Family Day

Family Day for the Saltspring Art Centre, Saltspring B.C.

“Angela Brown’s ‘Ta Daa Lady Show’ was a big hit with our family audience. From the moment she stepped on stage, she had the crowd laughing and participating, and the kids couldn’t wait to get their turn on stage with her. It was our great pleasure to work with Angela and to witness her talents storytelling, clowning, singing, and  connecting with an audience. ” Yael Wand, programmer Saltspring Arts Council 2017

Whistler New Years event

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For a New Year’s celebration, The Ta Daa Lady was in Whistler B.C.  at the Maury Young Arts Centre performing one of her stories.


“I had the pleasure of hosting Angela Brown, A.K.A. The Ta Daa Lady At the Fraser Valley Regional Library during Spring Break 2016. Angela entertained over 1,700 people in two weeks. It was ambitious tour schedule and Angela was amazing throughout! She was pleasant and gracious from the onset, during the scheduling process and beyond. Most importantly audiences loved her! People had a great time and there was lots of laughter and participation. Library staff said…”The kids just loved her. They were rolling on the floor with her jokes, and the parents found her entertaining too.  Audiences loved the puppet, props and storytelling used throughout the program. Audiences said they had “so much fun! We enjoyed watching the children participate.” Everyone watching was enthralled. Some kids said “I liked the acting, I liked the snake puppet, I like Puppet Stumpy. I liked helping out.” Truly, she had something for everyone. I was impressed with Angela’s professionalism and her repertoire as a performer. She easily responds to an audience no matter what size or makeup. Angela is a consummate performer I highly recommend her to other organizations.” Christine Conroy Former  administer FVL Administration Branch, 2016



“Angela Brown  is a multi disciplinary artist who has been an Artist in Residence with the Vancouver School District for the past 4 years. Angela is one of our most versatile and creative artists with incredible skills in dance, storytelling and Visual Arts”. Carolyn Sullivan, Coordinator of Artist in Residence Program Vancouver B.C. 2017


*The Ta Daa Lady was the highlight of our event! She is hilarious, very engaging and the kids (and parents!) were captivated by her well-rounded performance. We loved how she integrates environmental awareness and connectedness messaging through her songs and show! It was awesome to discover such a great artist!* Corinne Cote, Program Coordinator Earthwise Society, Delta B.C.