Cooking for Love

Some good ole fashioned & tasty fun!

Angela joins forces with actor/musician, Deva Neil in an interactive, comic performance – a series of short skits with songs, dances, impersonations, and live music. Deva’s musical skills at the keyboard, guitar and saxophone combined with Angela’s singing and dancing makes for a potpourri of who knows what?

Cuca & Racha

Cuca (Deva Neil) and Racha (Angela Brown) are “Cooking for Love”. they are promoting their new book by the same name.



Cooking for Luu..luu…lol. Ya can’t say it, can ya?

tt tony & putsey talking

These two bluesy hot shots are ready to rock and roll right off the stage.

They even have the nerve to impersonate the Blues Brothers and Elvis himself!!!

Harry & Zelda Foodfinder

Harry & Zelda Foodfinder

Harry & Zelda Foodfinder

And now , on our world stage and before we bring on the crippled ducks and the dancing Tibetan monks, we have for your entertainment the fabulous multi – schitiod HaRRY Foodfinder. In fact I’ve never met Harry at all Jimmy Stewart – John Wayne – Richard Burton and Alferd Hitchcock, here are Harry & Zelda Foodfinders!

Zelda: That doesn’t sound like a lot a fun to me.

Harry: The important thing is that I have fun and you take notes.



Tony & Cherry

tt sax since I fell2


T: Cherry sweetheart, say something meaningful.

C: Meaningful?

T: Like ya mean it.

C: OK Ah…ah….ah

T” We’re waiting.

C: I’m thinking Tony.

T: Nice change.

C: Tony!!

T: Spit it out Cherry!

C:  Okay, okay…be…

T: Be! Be where?

C: Here?

T: Be here!  When?

C: Now?

T: Be here now!

C: Yea.

T: Be here now?

C: Yea!

C, Yea, be here now.

T: Be here now. Dat’s stupid. Where else are you gonna be?