The Terrible Monster

The Terrible Monster


This interactive story,  based on a Chinese legend, is about a young woman is on her way to deliver some cakes to her venerable parents. On her way, she is threatened by a terrible monster.

This interactive storytelling performance is for the stage and is also performed as part of the Nylon Zoo in the inflatable dragon. It was recently presented for Whistler Arts Council’s New Years celebraon and at Brockfield Theatre, Burnaby Village Museum for their Spring Break series.

This photo gallery and videos below are from a performance at Burnaby Village, Burnaby  B.C. in  Brockfield Theatre

This song is written and Performed by Angela Brown


Through the young woman’s inner strength and with the help of others (the audience) she triumphs over the monster.


- Working together for a common good

- Paying homage to, and demonstrating a great appreciation of nature

-The importance of community and helping one and another

-  Respecting each other regardless of pour differences