Two Amuse

 Mehlinda Heartt & Angela Brown are Two Amuse

Two Amuse offers the audience a wee bit of mischief, lots of laughter and magical fun!


The story is told inside a hand-made castle created by Evelyn Roth

Robin fairy harpsm2

Robin Goodfellow & the Faerie of the Harp

Fairy harpsm

The Faerie of the Harp plays her “Faire Song” on her harp, she waves her enchanted wand calling forth from the land of faeries, an elf by the namof Robin Goodfellow.

King & robinsxm

Robin Goodfellow

Robin sings and dances her story about how she was born into the “Realm of Faeries”.

LM harp

The faerie casts spells that eventually, needs undoing. The Faeries (the audience), King puppet, somehow manage to undo much mischief.

Short Bios

Mehlinda is a professional harpist, opera singer, historical dancer, teacher and costume and mask designer. Mehlinda & Angela are both active performers & teachers with the Historical Performance Ensemble.


“Two Amuse is a a unique mix of music, dance, drama and great costumes.This is definitely a high entertainment and low maintenance act.” Cathy Alpaugh (Programmer) West Richmond Community Center, B.C. 

“It is with genuine enthusiasm that I recommend the performers who entertained at Brock House, Vancouver. The entertainment was tasteful, tuneful, varied. Altogether approachable and fun.” Phyllis Lavelle (Co-ordinator) BrockHouse, Vancouver B.C.