True North Performance based in Richmond B.C., was an interdisciplinary company with Artistic Director, Catherine Lee at the helm. She is recently retired.  UPAYA was created by Catherine,, myself and Laura Crema. The project ‘Upaya’ began as part of the Dance Lab program at the Dance Centre in Vancouver. It has been evolving and changing ever since.



As an ensemble, we are constantly exploring the possibilities of what this amazing inflatable white dome can do ( created by Evelyn Roth). We incorporate dance, mime, expressive movement with vocal work. Catherine calls this ‘Vocal Body”.

upaya joyce3

This dome is a living, breathing part of the process, constantly shape shifting new formations. The dome a has zippered entrance at the back and there are pockets attached to the dome from the inside for arms and faces to slip into and protrude from the surface outward. This allows the movers to manipulate the dome and in this way, the dome, images and the dancers are all in unison. They alter and animate the shape of the event creating an array of unexpected keneitc imagery – human and nature forms blending into one.


The movement of the performers inside, outside, on top of, underneath the dome along with the added flexibility and vibrancy of the projections which greatly influences and supports the performers.

upaya butt lean

The projections of nature and of my art work become distorted and amplified as though they are alive and breathing. It undulates like waves in the ocean and flows like the sand in the wind.

 Our first public presentation was in the lobby outside Yaletown Gallery in Vancouver  where my paintings were hung – a solo series  called Human Nature.

” I must comment on Angela Brown’s visual art. Her work as an artist was part of the “Upaya” performance and her paintings have been nothing short of superb. Her work has been on display in our gallery in a few of our shows. Again, the public has shown a very positive response to her work.” Jerry Mandoli, Former owner of Yaletown Gallery

 Hannelore Evans

hl poster jpeg_2

Another performance of UPAYA took place in  Kits House for an evening of performance in tribute to Hannelore, fabric and celebration artist and a good friend and collaborator of Evelyn Roth, and a second performance of Upaya at Kit’s House was with Christine Elsey.

Reference form Evelyn Roth

“I saw a version of “Upaya” when I was in Vancouver for the Hannelore Evans memorial celebration in 2011 and I consider it one of the best works I have seen in years. It is full of vibrancy and subtlety. It speaks to me of our relationship with landscape and our impact on our world and of the mystery of our place in the universe. The projections of the natural phenomena of earth, sea and cosmos are gorgeous, the paintings by Angela Brown are breathtaking and powerful. The performers are engaging and their Vocal Body choreography is mesmerizing. They have embraced the beauty and elusiveness of the “Dome” as they work on, under and inside the sculpture as well as in the space around it.”

The Colors of the Butterfly

An excerpt from Upaya. Projections of Angela’s art work  with Angela dancing 


Maiden, Mother and Crone at Grunt Gallery

Choreographed written and directed by Angela Brown, visuals by Angela, music written and arranged by Earl Peach. Performed at Gallery Gachet Vancouver B.C.  This white inflatable sculpture created by Evelyn Roth was awarded to Angela as part payment for her participation in SALA fest (South Australia).

Live Painting

BC Oct 13

“Live painting” for Bohemian Caress Vancouver B.C. in 2012 – 2014

 Bohemian caress 13

Roundhouse called ANU, Sex on Earth

In 2007, Angela painted live for an interdisciplinary performance at the Roundhouse called ANU, Sex on Earth, under the Artistic Direction of Steve Duncan and produced by Jabbar Jabbar. Angela, and three other painters, painted live while a large group of musicians, spoken word artists and dancers performed.


paint bow

Angela had a solo exhibition “Visions of the Goddess” at Ironworks Studio in Vancouver of her paintings and sculptures. The opening night included LIVE ART performances  (by Angela) dance, music and spoken word (Steve Duncan). Angela presented “live painting” to song and music by Catherin Lee, Pat Unruh & Mehlinda Heartt. Michelle Hersey danced in and around projections of art work.