Short introduction

Angela has worked as writer, director, performer, choreographer in B.C. Historical Parks;  Barkerville’s Theatre Royal,  Fort Steele Historical Park’s interactive Street Theatre Program, Ioco days, Voices of the Fraser on Deas Island, sponsored by Metro Vancouver.

ioco parade10

Ioco Days

Port Moody’s celebration of Ioco’s rich history

Angela wrote and directed short plays/scenes sponsored by Port Moody Station Museum for Ioco Day 2010 & 2011. The scenes were performed by professional actors; Tom Tasse, Patrick Lambier and Charlen Luedke. The characters they portrayed were from 1919 based on a time when Ioco was a Company Town, controlled by Imperial Oil.

 Angela offered Living history Workshops for children & young adults. She supplied the costumes and the scripts, the children participated. In the photo above, they are learning a song about learning and respect for their teacher. 

Canada Day Port Moody B.C.Canada Day:  Port Moody B.C.


Barkerville: Angela with Micheal Booth & Craig Wood

Voices of the Fraser

Angela’s was writer, director and performer for three years in a “Living History” event sponsored by Metro Vancouver. This event took place on Deas Island, one of Metro Vancouver’s Regional Parks. Voices of the Fraser was both entertaining and educational built upon a series of short scenes about the history of the Fraser River Estuary. Nine professional actors portrayed some of the colorful characters that existed back in the days of the early settlers.

Several on-site heritage buildings have been allocated to historical preservation. This event was attended by over 5000 people This interactive, site-specific event was a great success!

Cannery scene from Voices of the Fraser performed by Vince Cheng

Fraser River Revue; writer, director, performer

The Fraser River Revue was one of the scenes. It is educational, musical revue about the settlement of the Fraser River Delta (written/directed by Angela). Performed through comedy, acting, and song.Metro Vancouver contracted Ms. Brown as writer/director/performer for Voices of the Fraser, and Fraser River Revue both which took place at Deas Island Regional Park in Delta B.C.

This production was also a part of Fraser Fest in New Westminster for four consecutive years. The Fraser River Revue was funded by 

The Pacific Salmon Foundation.


I strive to provide a unique and innovative theatrical experience to an audience that offers them the option of becoming active participators. They learn about the past in a fun and entertaining manner, bring history to life with a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the people who built our Province and our country. The stories of our ancestors and First Nations people are the true stories about how British Columbia was born. We needn’t look far to find some impressive experiences and intriguing characters that pioneered our land.

 One of the songs from Voices of the Fraser and in one of the scenes from the  ‘Fraser River Revue’ is called “Darn Those Skitters” a distraught farmer and his farm animals sing about the hardships of living along side the Fraser and dealing with mosquitoes the size of bumblebees!

farm animals 1

fish battle

Salmon Lament” sung by three giant salmon who speak to us humans about their struggle and plight. The song and comic bits are performed by three salmon…are Flip, Finn and Gill. 

Vince Cheng as cannery worker Actors in in “Fisher Kitchen”
Actors in in “Fisher Kitchen”
Inside Inverholme School
Mr. Burr (James Simpson) & Ian Crane