Body Balance

Body Balance

Angela has taught this class at Okanagan School of the Arts in Penticton B.C., and most recently at Heart Quest in Vancouver.

Body Balance  invites you to set aside the fast pace of daily living and enter into the slow, subtle mystery of presence found deep within your body’s intrinsic movement , using breath, sound,  stillness, silence, momentum, fluid and expressive movement. As we let go into the flow healing unfolds, flexibility and strength grows, injury and dis-ease begin to resolve, and an opening to the pleasure of relaxation. This workshop draws from Alexander technique, Feldincrise, Pilates, Modern Dance and yoga techniques mixed in with visualization and improvisation

Description of class

The workshop is in three parts:

1) A warm up on the floor with gentle stretches and breathing exercises

2) Followed by a further strengtening warm – up  in standing position to centre and strengthen the body with specific exercises that help to ground and prepare for locomotive movement

3) Free movement and dance with music with focus on grace and rhythm, coordinating breath with movement

4) Final relaxation and stretching


Other exercises may be introduced. For example: an investigation into very day movement such as; walking, sitting, reading, sitting at computer in a more efficient and effortless manner.

Benefits of workshop

– Improved posture

– Fitness without strain

– Prevent injury and faster recovery from injury

– Improved speaking & breathing

– Encourages creativity ad confidence

– Improved coordination & flexibility

– Enhanced performance skills

– Improve  postures