Angela’s Statement

I strive to provide a unique and innovative theatrical experience to an audience that offers them the option of becoming active participators. They learn about the past in a fun and entertaining manner, bring history to life with a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the people who built our Province and our country. The stories of our ancestors and First Nations people are the true stories about how British Columbia was born. We needn’t look far to find some impressive experiences and intriguing characters that pioneered our land.


Voices of the Fraser & Fraser River Revue 

Angela’s was writer, director and performer for three years in a “Living History” event called Voices of the Fraser (photos above) sponsored by Metro Vancouver. This event took place on Deas Island, one of Metro Vancouver’s Regional Parks. Voices of the Fraser was both entertaining and educational built upon a series of short scenes about the history of the Fraser River Estuary. Professional actors portrayed characters from back in the days of the early settlers. The venues were several on-site heritage buildings have been allocated to historical preservation. This event was attended by over 5000 people.


” This interactive, site-specific event was a great success!” Stephania Buonocore, Metro Vancouver, B.C.


Ioco Days

Port Moody’s celebration of Ioco’s rich history

Angela wrote and directed short plays/scenes sponsored by Port Moody Station Museum for Ioco Day for three years. The scenes were performed by professional actors; Tom Tasse, Patrick Lambier and Charlen Luedke. The characters they portrayed were from 1919 based on a time when Ioco was a Company Town, controlled by Imperial Oil. Angela also offered Living history Workshops for children & young adults. She supplied the costumes and the scripts, the children participated.


“The Port Moody Heritage Society hired Angela Brown to create scenes and offer Living Historical workshops for an events called Ioco Days in 2010 and 2011. The performances included short, historically- based scenes and workshops. In working with Angela, I found her to be very professional. Her background with historically – based genres was evident in the insight she brought to the project. The living history workshops allowed children of all ages to participate in fun and dramatic creations while learning about the area’s heritage. As well as being entertained, the children who participated thoroughly enjoyed their experience.” Rebecca Clarke, Program and Events coordinator, Port Moody Station Museum Port Moody, B.C.


B.C. Historical Parks

Angela has also worked as writer, director, performer, choreographer in B.C. for Historical Parks;  Barkerville’s Theatre Royal stage shows and  Fort Steele Historical Park’s interactive Street Theatre Program, Ioco days in Port Moody, Voices of the Fraser on Deas Island, sponsored by Metro VancouverAngela is a teacher, director and performer of Baroque and Renaissance dance and theatre. She ha been a member of Historical Performance Ensemble for over ten years now. She has taught Baroque & Renaissance dance at Capilano University  and  at Okanagan School of the Arts, B.C., Renaissance Dance for the Goodwill Shakespeare Festival in Summerland B.C. and  at Langara College in Vancouver Baroque Dance at Yukon Winter Music Camp in Whitehorse B.C. and various workshops for music students of all ages at LCMS (Langley Community Music School) the Vancouver and North Vancouver Association of Music Teachers.


BarkervilleBarkerville Historic Town

Cannery scene from Voices of the Fraser performed by Vince Cheng 



 Testimonials Voices of the Fraser

Heritage buildings and tents are utilized on site as stage areas as audience members stroll through the park visiting various locations, scenes, and authentic historical characters that bring the colorful history of Deas Island to life. For three consecutive years, I have been an audience member at Voices of the Fraser and have been impressed by this innovative project. This project provides a significant contribution to the Arts community and to the Education community, to public audiences and would benefit a wide range of students.” Heather Duff, Artistic Director, Vancouver Youth Theatre


I found Angela to be very professional. Her background in working with historically based genres was evident in the insight she brought to the project.The scripts she developed were well written and performed. the audience responded well and it helped us convey the heritage of Port Moody’s Ioco townsite in a new and interesting way.Angela’s workshops are a fantastic opportunity for the kids involved. The children get a taste of what it like to live in the early days of the settlers and they find out how exciting it can be to put on a production!“” Rebecca Clarke, Program & Events Coordinator, Port Mood Station Museum, Port Moody B.C.