Baroque Dance

  Renaissance & Baroque Dance & Theatre


Chaconne Arlecchino

Angela performing a Baroque Dance based on a Commedia character from the 16th century in Italy  called Arlecchino or Harlequin. Filmed by Casey Mons


Aimable Vainqueur (Loure) 

This notated dance is from the Baroque period in Paris France


Learning  Objectives

Commedia: Students experience the hilarity of Commedia and the stateliness of the dance and music. Encouraging acceptance of an individual,  group, or nation in terms of beliefs, lifestyles, language peculiarities and clothing to create a sense of community.

 French: Angela speaks French. In France during the Baroque Period,  some of the ‘character dances’ were popular. In the Paris Opera, they used the stock characters from 14th Century Commedia. The terms of the steps are all in French. (From the Renaissance both French and Italian).

Physical Education:  The workshop is both physical and expressive. I encourage the students to be communicative and spontaneous. The Commedia style dance and theatre of the commedia exert the muscles and exert brain cells as well as building cooperation and “team work”

Fine Arts – Dance, Music & Theatre: Students improve grace, posture and develop rhythm skills individually and in the group, through physicality, song and instrumentation. Improve presentation and performance confidence. They observe images, movement and notation that express personal identity and reflect historical culture and mannerisms and develop response to aspects of art from a variety of historical and cultural contexts through painted images, dances, music and theatrical expression from the time. They develop response to aspects of art from a variety of historical and cultural contexts through painted images, dances, music and theatrical expression from the time.

Socials: The students have fun, are involved, and get to think about the differences between then and now, understand the events and experiences within the context of time and place and access the relationship between culture and environment and relate a society’s artistic expression to its overall understanding and practice of national culture.

Teacher of  Historical Dance 

Langara University (Theatre students) Commedia del’ Arte 19 and 20

Walnut Grove Langley B.C. Secondary level, workshops in Commedia dell Arte 2017 – 2020

Delta Secondary Delta B.C. Master Classes in Renaissance & baroque and Commedia Dell’ Arte

Capilano University, North Vancouver  (Musical theatre studentsMaster Classes in Renaissance & baroque and Commedia Dell’ Arte

Capilano University (Master Classes for Acting Students) Baroque & Renaissance Dance & Theatre, North Vancouver B.C.

Vancouver Music Teacher’s Association Baroque Dance

Langara College, Vancouver B.C. Renaissance Dance

North Vancouver Music Association Baroque Dance

Winter Music Camp, Whitehorse, Yukon Baroque Dance (children & adults) Vancouver Music Teacher’s Association Baroque Dance

Okanagan School of the Arts, Penticton B.C. (adults)

Langely Community School for the Arts, (children & teens) Langely B.C.

Goodwill Shakespeare Festival, Summerland B.C. (teens)


 Winter Music Camp, Whitehorse Yukon



“In three days she managed to introduce 2 dozen youngsters and older students to the intricacies of Baroque Dance. To see 5-11 year olds enthusiastically demonstrating the steps they had learned in “baroque dress” and style to the sound of live musicians playing familiar tunes was uplifting for all present. Teen and adult students also enjoyed learning to parade around in proper Baroque style and design their own dances using “pas de bourees” and “pas coupees”. In her free time, Angela worked with keen youngsters who choreographed their own baroque dance. Angela also filmed the camp and contributed a DVD of the camp to the Suzuki Strings Association.” Karen McKenna, Coordinator SSAY Yukon Winter Music Camp

“The organizers and the students were delighted by her workshops. She was tireless in her presentation of the material – she did nine workshops in three days!! She was really well organized and as well as teaching the dances she also provided a wealth of historical information about the work the students were doing. Her enthusiasm was infectious. I think it is a testament to her teaching that at the wind up banquet the students got up and enthusiastically performed some of the dances that they had learned. She is one of the reasons that our festival was so successful. “ Linda Beaven, organizer of Goodwill Shakespeare Festival, Summerland B.C.

“In all of my interactions with Angela Brown, I have found her to be one of the most highly creative and talented people I have ever encountered. She is very easy to work with, very reliable, professional and good humoured” Holly Duff, Music Director, West Coast Chamber Music, Vancouver B.C.


“I am writing to commend Angela’ s work with our company as well as her creative output. She has contributed as a dancer, actor, singer and teacher and has extensive knowledge in Commedia .”Catherine Lee, Historical Performance Ensemble, Richmond B.C. Artistic Director of Historical Performance Ensemble, Richmond B.C.

lcms group
Baroque Dance Workshop, Langely School of Fine Arts



BFA in Visual Arts/Theatre, Concordia University, Montreal

BFA in Dance/Theatre, York University, Toronto

Masters in Theatre Directing (one year) UBC Vancouver B.C.

Roberto Andrioli, two week intensive on Commedia dell ‘Arte in Florance Italy 2016

Arnie Aslove (US) Various workshops Commedia Characters, Neutral masks and scenes Vancouver B.C.2011-2012

Anna Yepes (Fr) Baroque Dance 2012

Angene Feves (US )San Francisco Early Music, Baroque Dance workshop 2006

Edgar Tumak (Can) Baroque Dance workshops 2005

Orestes Mask workshop Intensive Dance Center Vancouver B.C. 2004

Commedia dell’ Arte workshop BellaLuna Productions,Vancouver B.C .April 2004

British Theatre Association London, England, certificate in Directing

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby B.C.Voice and a Dance intensive