Angela is a professional dancer of many styles including French Baroque dance from the court of Louis the IVth, Renaissance Dance and Commedia dell”Arte. Angela teaches and performs these styles of dance.

I am a teacher of a workshop on Commedia dell’arte in Florence Italy.  It was a two weeks course, during the course we worked on acting training: physical and vocal improvisation, mask technique. We studied the main characters of Commedia dell’arte tradition: Zanni, Pantalone, Capitano, Dottore, Colombina, Brighella, Arlecchino and Canovacci, lazzi and scenarios of commedia. 


After working with Angela for these two weeks, I see she has very good energy and a positive attitude in relation to her collaboration with other students. Her creative approach to the work is wonderful. It was a pleasure to create with her and it was a very positive artistic cultural exchange. All the best. Presto, Roberto Andriol

“Angela Brown attended our Commedia workshop in Florence Italy. Angela is very talented and has good energy and a positive attitude in relation with other students. She easliy integrated in her work in her previous acting skills and experience with commedia dell’arte, Baroque & Renaissance dance.  It was a pleasure to create with her and an effective cultural exchange”. 

Roberto Andrioli