“I found Angela to be very professional. Her background in working with historically based genres was evident in the insight she brought to the project.The scripts she developed were well written and performed. the audience responded well and it helped us convey the heritage of Port Moody’s Ioco townsite in a new and interesting way.” Rebecca Clarke, Program & Events Coordinator, Port Mood Station Museum, Port Moody B.C.


“Knowing Angela’s work in historical theatre,  I contacted her in regards to a new event that was planned called Voices of the Fraser, which was to be a historical walk-through theatre program focusing on the history of Deas Island Park.  Angela showed great enthusiasm and support for the project and came on board as the writer and director.  She worked for months to conduct research, write the scripts, and prepare the actors for the program, which took place June/July 2006 – 2008.  The stories and songs crafted by Angela blended historical fact with humour, drama, conflict, singing and dancing in a way that made the program both highly entertaining and educational. After a successful first event, which received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both audience members and Metro Vancouver staff, Angela created a two-hander based on the above project, called Fraser River Revue. I can sincerely say that it would not have been possible to realize the project without Angela’s enthusiasm, expertise and support.  Her background in historical theatre as well as her intimate knowledge of the performing arts added depth and character to the event, but it was her incredible energy and dedication that truly made the project a success.” Stephania Buonocore, Former Special Events coordinator, Metro Vancouver B.C.


‘Angela has created, directed and performed in Barkerville and Fort Steele in both theatrical venues and in street theatre. Angela is also a writer, director, song creator and lyricist, all of which skills have come into play in the creation of the highly successful show “Voices of the Fraser” and “Fraser River Revue”, both shows jointly produced with Metro Vancouver. The province of  BC and Historical Performance Society are extremely lucky that Angela has decided to turn her substantial talents to creating a touring version of “Voices”, with “Fraser River Revue” which appeals to both children and adults. I am writing to commend to you the work and creative output of Angela Brown.  Angela has worked with Historical Performance Society in a wide variety of projects since 1996, including as an actor,  dancer, singer, and as a teacher of Baroque dance.  She has also been creatively involved in the short scene with dances “Morning with Elizabeth” and “Ladies Aires and Dances” including some work with my other company True North, as a dancer , singer. storyteller.  “Catherine Lee, Artistic Director of HPE, Richmond B.C.


“Heritage buildings and tents are utilized on site as stage areas as audience members stroll through the park visiting various locations, scenes, and authentic historical characters that bring the colourful history of Deas Island to life. For two consecutive years, I have been an audience member at Voices of the Fraser and have been impressed by this innovative project. In addition, as the Artistic Director of Vancouver Youth Theatre. This project provides a significant contribution to the Arts community and to the Education community, as well as to public audiences. School audiences have attended the play, and expansion of the school field trip audiences would be beneficial for a wider range of students.”Heather Duff, Artistic Director of Vancouver Youth Theatre



“Our family attended the Voice of the Fraser event in June. It is one of the best events we have seen. It is educational, fun and taking full advantage of the park setting. We would like to congratulate Metro Vancouver and particularly the artistic producer for putting on such wonderful and accessible event for the public. We would like to see this event advertised more widely. All the schools in the Delta District should be encouraged to see this very special historic performance. We are looking forward to see more events similar to this in the future.” Tad Young & Paula Temrick, Principal PERSPECTIVES HR Consulting Inc. Workplace Training, Conflict Resolution Facilitation, Mediation, Coaching