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Vancouver Art Gallery Art Gallery’s (VAG) FUSE event sponsored a series of performances with wearable art by Evelyn Roth and directed and choreographed by Angela Brown in November 2015.  It highlighted an exhibition  ‘Between Object and Action’ – Transforming Media in the 1960’s and 70s – Oct. 30 – Jan.’16:TH 2016.  The opening featured the work of three artist from the 1970’s. One of which was Evelyn Roth.

More about Evelyn Roth

Evelyn is a pioneer in dance, moving sculpture, wearable art, celebratory events and recycling. In the 70’s, she performed with the renowned Vancouver based dancers and choreographers such as; Paula Ross and Anna Whyman. In the late 70’s, Evelyn  formed her own “Moving Art Sculpture Company” toured many theaters and galleries across Canada. During the late 1960s and early 70s, Vancouver’s art scene was electrified by a spirit of experimentation that challenged the traditional boundaries of painting, sculpture and other media. 

Background on Evelyn & Angela: Angela has been working with Evelyn since 1999 on a variety of projects including storytelling dance, visual and performing art. Angela has toured to Australia to perform various performance art works with Evelyn at the SALA Festival. Angela has been exhibiting her paintings, sculptures and performance art at various in theatres and galleries all over B.C. In June 2015, Evelyn invited Angela to animate/choreograph some of her  moving sculptures and woven costumes; Sea Pens, Molluscs, Leopard Triangle (wind harp) and Jumpy Jumpy woven costumes which were animated  for FUSE’S  ‘Pay what you Can’  Tuesday night Family Fuse.



Jumpy Junpy