This is another performance of  The Ta Daa Lady’s environmental stories presented inside the Rainbow Dome. This story is both charming and fun while it informs the audience how important wetlands are.

STORY: Appearing from behind a wetland backdrop, out pops Billy Beaver. He asks the children why wetlands are so important? Billy talks about how hard he works building dams regenerating and preserving wetlands. Then he sings his interactive song “Chomp Diddly Chomp Chomp’  Then, appearing from behind the backdrop, out pops Sammy Salmon  on his way to his spawning bed. He plays a little game of hide and seek.  They have a conversation about his long journey from the ocean, rivers and streams and they reminisce about the time he spent in the wetlands as a little salmon fry. 

This video was. filmed by Casey Mons at World Rivers Day in Langley