Three Nylon Zoo storytelling interactive events with
a strong environmental theme.

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1) The Wetland Dome

The Nylon Zoo and the WETLAND DOME is an event that is both interactive and educational. Through animating puppets on sticks, the audience understand how important wetland for the creatures that rely on them. This event brings awareness informing the participants about how our eco system is connected… wetlands, oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, deltas and estuaries all need to be preserved to protect our fish and wildlife and us. After all, wetlands are much like our kidneys, they filter the water in lakes, rivers, and streams, reduce pollution and flooding. 

2) Magic of a Seed
Magic of a Seed description 

This environmentally based Nylon Zoo  is an interactive story is about the restoration of nature and the power of a seed. The audience visualizes a seed in the palm of their hand, and sense how the seed is connected to the seed in our hearts. We mime burying our seeds and  decide what the seed will grow into. Near the end of the story, I find a basket filled with cloth salmon, flowers, fruit, vegetables and small creatures like butterflies, bumblebees, and squirrels.

We plant the creatures  (velcro) and stick them on the surface of the dome.


3) Billy Beaver & Sammy Salmon

Billy Beaver & Sammy Salmon 

This show also takes place in the Rainbow Dome.

Story:  Billy Beaver pops out from behind a wetland backdrop.  He interacts with the audience about how important wetlands are. And. of course, about how important beavers are. After all, they generate and preserve wetlands.

He sings an interactive song about his work  ‘Chomp Diddly Chomp Chomp’.


Along comes Sammy the Salmon. He is  on his way to the spawning bed. They have a chat about his journey and about the time he spent in the wetlands as a little salmon Fry.