Description of Zoo

The great artist, Evelyn Roth is the original creator of the Zoo. Her first Salmon was created way back in the early 70’s. The Nylon Zoo inflatable sculptures in Angela’s collection, are spacious, colourful and the shapes inside are unique and fascinating.It’s like being in a cathedral.


As well, they are a venue onto themselves.

Easy to travel with

This event is packaged in such a way as to make it easy to load into a car or even to bring on a plane.


The photos below give an idea of the sculptures and costumes. For further information, open the tabs connected to this page.

Part one:  Ta Daa Lady with Stumpy the Puppet

 The audience stands in line outside the gated area greeted by Ta Daa  and two volunteers. Then Stumpy the puppet entertains the audience and we instruct everyone on safety rules and letting them know how the event will unfold.




Part Two:  The costumes Parades & Dances

Next, we demonstrate how to put on the costumes.  We choose a child from the audience to come into the gated area and try on a bird costume. We dress the little ones first under the tent.  


Part three: The audience removes their costumes and lines up to enter the inflatable for interactive storytelling