Nylon Zoo Dragon

 Nylon Zoo Dragon

 This brilliant and animated inflatable sculpture, created by Evelyn Roth, has wings that fly in the wind, beautiful, bright and colorful and eyelashes all a- flutter!


Video & photos shot by Casey Mons


Nylon Zoo Dragon at Fat Cat Festival, Kelowna B.C.


Entering the dragon at County Celebration, Langley b.B.



Exiting the dragon at Folk Fest in Vancouver B.C.


Entering the Dragon at the Caribbean Festival 2018


Fat Cat Festival Kelowna B.C.

 Interactive story inside Dragon at Fat Cat Festival Kelowna B.C.

 Video shot by Casey Mons caseymons@hotmail.com


Costume parades Whistler B.C.  Photos Tom Tasse



“I am so delighted that you enjoyed the day here, and everyone seems to love the Nylon Zoo.  Thank you for participating.  It was wonderful to have you here”! Mary Lou Schootman Administrator London Heritage Farm Society, Richmond B.C.

“I just want to say a great big THANK YOU for coming out to our Rivers Day!! You were a HUGE success! We absolutely loved you!” Ashley Anne, Education Programs Coordinator Langley Environmental Partners Societ

“Thank you very much for attending the Golden Spike festival in Port Moody B.C. The Nylon Zoo dragon was a hit! look forward to working with in the near future.We will definitely be in touch with you for next year”. Christina Martino Programer for Festival

“Angela. thanks again for bringing your dragon and colorful costumes  for Street our Entertainment May 24th to 26 2013. Here is some feedback…Sent in by a visitor to Whistler.”Anna Solich, Events Coordinator, Whistler Millennium Place, Whistler B.C.