Set up of Nylon Zoo

Space for site: The Nylon Zoo site is sectioned off by a gate surrounded by bunting. The space required for the event is approximately 30′ x 50 including the pop-up tent used for hanging costumes. You can fit up to 45 audience members into most of the inflatables.


How long is set up? The set up is approximately in an hour and half. It is helpful to have a few strong armed individuals to help set up the tent, hammer in the stakes and set up inflatable. If set up is on pavement, or on a grassy area that prohibits hammering tent pegs , I request approx. 12 weights for each inflatable and four for the tent.


Using a tent: The costumes are hung under the tent. We bring a costume stand and use bungee cords as well.  The 10 x 10 pop-up tent (or larger) is  helpful if it rains and it provides shelters from the heat in the hot summer months.  The tent acts as an opening to the site. A nylon zoo banner is hung over the entrance.

  • Close to a power source
  • If possible, the inflatable can be placed under, or nearby, a shady tree
  • Preferably on flat ground
  • Also, if possible, my site can be placed in a fairly quiet area.
  • If necessary, we bring our own mike and PA.


Costume Parades & Dances
On our way at Buckley Valley Exhibition Smithers, B.C.

Putting on the costumes is fun and easy . 
It’s wonderful to make each child’s transformation into animals or plants.




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Okanagan Children’s Festival, Penticton B.C.


Two Volunteers: The best helpers for the day stay with me the whole day (if possible) It’s wonderful if they like to play with children.



 I like it when my helpers sit in the front of the site under the entrance and welcome everyone passing by and invite to them the next show.

Answers questions as people pass by when storyteller is busy with story

I love it when my helpers are comfortable enough to say hi to a passerby, then they make everyone feel at home.


One helper opens and closes the gate to let audience in inflatable after costume parade and lets them out when and when the story is done.

  • Counts line up and helps form the direction of line
  • Helps put costumes on and take them off when we return from the parade
  • Hangs costumes up while story is on
  • Changes times on poster for the next show
  • Prevents waiting parents from chatting near the storyteller inside inflatable
  • Keep an eye out for any children who go behind inflatable where fan and plug is.

Remove the tent pegs around the edges of the inflatable (or weights). Once this is accomplished,  it takes 3 minutes to deflate the inflatable and stuff it into a bag. The stakes and costumes are assembled and placed into another bag, close down sandwich board, take down decorations and load everything into a car.


The Costume Parades & Dances
On our way at Buckley Valley Exhibition Smithers, B.C.
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Don’t worry, she’s free range.


Fat Cat Festival, Kelowna B.C.
Transport by air

Nylon Zoo Equipment: I bring with me the inflatable of your choice, a full of costumes a sandwich board and zoo banner. The Inflatable is rather light and easy to transport and fits into a 3 foot nylon bag so it doesn’t require much space to store. The bag weighs around 20 lbs. The costumes  are in another nylon bag (weight: 20 lbs). I  bring 35 – 40 costumes depending on attendance expected and the size of event.

The Fan 

Other Questions

  • When does the site open?
  • Do I require a parking pass?
  • Where do I unload?
  • Is there a contact cell phone number I should have on hand?
  • Is the festival two or more days?  If so, is there storage available overnight on site?