Evelyn and her husband, visual artist John Davis

How it all began

Many years ago, when I first arrived in Vancouver from Toronto,  I heard of this amazing artist Evelyn Roth. She is and was quite a legend in Vancouver and around the world for that matter. If you take a walk around Kitslano at Stephens and 3rd, you may see a plaque dedicated to Evelyn across the street from her old house. Back then, I lived in Kits myself and I would often walk past her home and on her  front lawn there were wild and wonderful people hanging from the rafters and dancing in and out of inflatables with projections, live music and wildly creative folk wearing costumes.when I did  eventually met Evelyn for coffee it took her approximately five minutes to ask if I would like to be storyteller for the nylon zoo. I couldn’t believe my good fortume!

At first, it was hard work putting up the stakes to hang costume on and carrying heavy equipment. However, I soon became accustomed. I loved the one on one activities with the children and their parents, the playfulness, storytelling and the colorful costumes. When Evelyn decided to move to Australia permanently, she asked me if I want to take over the Canadian component of the zoo.  I did and I never looked back