The Ta Daa Lady in a parade at Fat Cat Festival in Kelowna.

Video above was taken by Tom Tasse at Salmon Come Home in October 2023.

It takes place in the perfect location, right across from the Hoy Creek Hatchery in Coquitlam B.C.


This video demonstrates how Angela takes the time to dress each child as the audience watches, the child is transformed into an animal. The audience applauds when the are dressed.

The Ta Daa Lady and her volunteers help to. put on the costumes, for all ages. The participants transform into an animal or a flower and then we all  go on a parade and do a dance.

Dad, the Spawning Salmon

Every Costume Parade & Dance I get a fun-loving dad to be a salmon. I give him a head’ up as to what he will do. At the end of the parade, he leads everyone boom through the site, Jumping over rocks, swimming up-stream and going down waterfalls to make his way back to the tent to spawn!

Each participant gets their costume on,. Here we are at the Vancouver Folk Fest. Then, after they are dressed, I have them enter a space close by to have fun trying out their moves.


The photo below was at Fat Cat Festival in Kelowna B.C.

Photo by Casey Mons

When we return from the parade & dance, they take off their costumes and get ready to come inside the inflatable. I like to give the audience a movement and a chat as they line up too enter.

Swim salmon, swim, jump over rocks, swim salmon swim,

swim up-stream, swim salmon swim!