Brunella Battista is a professional performer and now a Nylon Zoo performer and organizer. She is a people person, wonderful storyteller, and she loves children & animals. She is a trained mime, stand-up comedian. She was Dumpty on TV Ontario’s Gemini winning TV show “Polka Dot Shorts” she toured with Touring Players of Canada and others. “

Besides her creative side, she is brilliant at creative executive and multimedia tasks. I am lucky to have her!Angela Brown (Nylon Zoo)

Please contact Brunella or Angela in regard to booking the Nylon Zoo. (604) 819 -8045


Please contact her or Angela in regard to booking the Nylon Zoo. (604) 819 -8045

Brunella and the NYLON ZOO SALMON




The Surrey Children’s Festival

Once again,  the Nylon Zoo performer, Brunella, was extraordinaire was at this Festival on May 27, 2023. She was in her element with an abundance of families attending. She loved dressing them up and helping them transform into animals. Her interactive stories were extremely entertaining and so much fun! She really engaged the audience and had them all laughing. Thanks to Casey Mons, who did a top notch-job with photography!, 

Enchanted Forest Festival

This Festival was sponsored by Metro Vancouver in Aldergrove Park B.C. on March 23rd 2023. Nylon Zoo performer, Brunella Battista was delightful, gentle and playful. Her interactive story was fun and dynamic, her parades and dances were  much fun for all, from ages two to ninety two