This event introduces the importance of wetlands in a fun and interactive way. It offers an understanding about how the eco system is closely connected.


Wetlands are much like our kidneys. They are sponges that soak up excess water preventing floods and storing water to seep out when the earth is dry and they filter water and make the water clean for drinking and to reduce the pollution in the water.

 We need to take care of our wetlands as well as the rivers, streams, lakes and the ocean. There are many aquatic animals and wildlife that depend on wetlands. If we do not take care of them, the animals will be more endangered, there will be a shortage of fresh, clean water and more droughts and flooding.

This event offers a tremendous recreation and learning opportunity for all ages. Each event includes an interactive story animated with stick puppets , a song and a costume parade. I have a variety of puppets, each creature relies on wetlands to survive.