Bio & Exhibitions

Angela has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in Theatre from Concordia University in Montreal. She also has a BFA in Dance from York University in Toronto. She has exhibited her paintings, sculptures and performance art in solo and group shows In Vancouver; ‘Taf’s Cafe on Granville Street, three separate live painting presentations for an interdisciplinary event called Bohemian Caress, ‘André Emile Gallery’, Halo Gallery, ‘Open space Gallery at Presentation House, North Vancouver, Grunt Gallery’ ‘Ironworks Studios‘ ‘Art in Public Spaces, North Vancouver arts council, Paperworks Gallery’Basic Inquiry Gallery, Dancing on the Edge’ ‘City on the Edge” Rembrandt Gallery in North Vancouver’. Other venues:  ‘Horissontti Cultural Centre‘ (Solo exhibition) Helsinki, Finland, ‘Genisis Theatre’ Ladner B.C, Art factory in Montreal, Wells Art Gallery, Salt Spring Art Gallery, Brackendale Gallery, B.C.


Angela often combines her exhibits with live painting and/or projections of her art which are often projected unto on white backdrops and/or white inflatable structures created by Evelyn Roth. She has collaborated with Evelyn on many ‘art’ projects in both Vancouver and Australia where she presented a number of art activations including; live painting, dance and projections. Angela was a member of True North Performance (Catherine Lee; Artist Director. They have regularly performed interdisciplinary at the Scotia Dance Centre in Vancouver with two interdisciplinary performances “Umbutu’ and ‘Upaya’.Each presentation included dancing, singing, white inflatable sculpture with projections, including ANGELA”s artwork. Angela won an award of merit for one of her paintings from B.C. Arts Council at the Annual Festival of the Arts.

I have always been interested in merging the visual arts with the performing arts. I am attracted to the figurative style of painting and sculpture representing clowns, gestures, lovers, and parent child. I am fascinated with drawn  images of nature merging into human shapes.”


Yaletown Gallery, Vancouver B.C.




 Angela’s solo exhibitions

 Solo Exhibition outside of Vancouver

Upaya at Dance Centre, Inflatable by Evelyn Roth, dancer Angela Brown and projections of her art