The Ta Daa Lady’s Shows are excellent for children and adults, 

from ages of two to ninety-two!


The Ta Daa Lady & Stumpy show was presented on September 3rd for Queen’s Park Summer Event in New Westminster. 

The Ta Daa & Stumpy Show was also presented on September 9th

at Parkgate Community Festival in North Vancouver. 

Ta Daa’s favorite puppet is Stumpy (although she loves all of her puppets). Stumpy comes along with her to most of her gigs. In the Nylon Zoo, he opens the event by getting the audience together, making the children laugh and singing songs. 

Stumpy loves to get the children (and adults) involved. This show is highly interactive and it can last anywhere from five minutes to one hour. It can be presented in any location.

Below video is Stumpy welcoming the audience with some fun. This Nylon Zoo event took place in Kelowna B.C. at The Fat Cat Festival