Ta Daa’s favorite puppet is Stumpy. He comes along with her to most of her gigs. For example, in the Nylon Zoo, he opens the event by getting the audience together, making the children laugh and singing songs and messing them up. Then he gets hungry and starts chewing on his hand or foot. He loves to get the children involved in his songs and jokes. This is a complete interactive performance that can last anywhere from five minutes to forty five minutes and be presented in any location. As well, to add on to the event, Ta Daa can offer interactive dancing and singing. Often, Stumpy is a part of the Ta Daa lady show and/or storytelling performances. This show is excellent for children and adults, from the ages of two to ninety-two.


Angela has a wide selection of puppets. Below are a few videos.

Below video is Stumpy welcoming the audience with some fun. This Nylon Zoo event in Kelowna B.C. at the Fat at Festival