The Ta Daa Lady has a fun, interactive stage show that the whole family can enjoy. It can be performed in a living room, community centre, backyard or a stage. Angela incorporates puppets like her favorite puppet Stumpy, sneaky Riddle Snake who loves to tickle! with interactive songs, dances, clowning, mime and pantomime. She gets the audience involved in the act and before long , they are laughing wildly while she makes her way through all sorts of crazy antics.


 Ta Daa is a gentle, fun-loving, Charlie Chaplin-like character who incorporates puppets  (Stumpy) & Riddle Snake) There are songs, dancing and clowning around. She gets the children laughing  while she makes her way through all sorts of crazy antics. Her songs are call & response ‘Wash it Away’  where the children become raindrops with names like; Drippy Drop Drizzle and Dizzy Damp. Ta Daa and the children cook a tasty recipe Red Sock Soup.  Some stinky socks appear from out of her yellow bag. A rather large sock has something in it, a puppet Riddle Snake who has lots of riddles. Ta Daa often performs the Nylon Zoo, storytelling stage shows and roving sets.




At Buckley Valley Exhibition Angela had her stage show and the Nylon Zoo. This video and photos were shot by Casey Mons.


Shots from the Nylon Zoo at Buckley Valley

The Ta Daa  Lady Show was at Greater Vancouver Zoo along with the inflatable dionsaur and parades

TA Daa Lady Christmas Show

 The Ta Daa Lady is transformed into an elf and she has a very special Christmas Show for the whole family. One half hour to forty-five minute long show with interactive songs, puppets and dance plus Xmas songs and original songs written by Angela.

Ta Daa the Xmas Elf is one of Santa’s Elves. She has a special Hot line directly to Santa. She plays with the infamous “Tickle Horn” who loves to tickle kids! Sometimes, Stumpy the Elf Puppet appears and  comes along for the fun. Along the way, Ta Daa and the children find clues to Santa’s favorite songs. Of course, no one can resist Santa’s number one recipe “Red Sock Soup”. Then, from the bag of socks, a snake puppet appears (Riddle Snake) and has a few jokes. t the end everyone sings Rudolf the Red nose Reindeer with a dad, mom and child as Santa, Mrs. Clause and little Rudolf.

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