Peter & the Wolf with Angela Brown

 In this is a classic rendition of the famous, musical folktale, Angela Brown brings to life each of the story’s characters through the use of dance, mime,  pantomime, colourful body puppets, a rod puppet and a mask.


She begins with a 5 minute introduction where the audience is involved. This is  based on the various techniques she uses in the presentation…dance, mime, pantomime and puppets.


Nearing the end of the show, Angela brings up a grade 3 class to portray the parade at the end of the story. The grandfather. bird and cat are star performers.


This presentation can be done in English & French.

The Story

The story takes place in the meadow beyond the gate of Peter’s house. Two of his friends, the Duck and the Bird, play by a pond. A nearby Cat sneaks up on the Bird and Peter helps him to get away. Then Grandfather comes and scolds Peter and takes him back home back behind the gate.  He warns him to beware of wolves. Soon a wolf comes out of the forest, and catches the Duck and swallows her whole. He then prowls around the tree where the Bird and Cat are perched. Watching from his yard, Peter plans to catch the Wolf. He climbs over his garden wall, lowers a rope and with the help of the Bird, catches him by the tail. Some Hunters arrive who are stalking the Wolf, but Peter convinces them instead, to help him take the Wolf to the zoo. Nearing the end of the performance, a grade three class comes up on stage to partake in a grand parade.  At the end, Peter triumphantly pulls out the Duck from the Wolf’s throat and she is still alive,  all is well!


This story presents various universal themes such as the value of friendship, taking risks to achieve success, problem solving and standing up for what you believe. These themes provide a marvellous framework for teachers to discuss with students the meaning and value of the story.


 Peter & the Wolf with VSO

Angela co-produced Peter and the Wolf (solo) with The Victoria Symphony Orchestra  live  on stage. During the show, Angela wore her large, expressive body puppets telling the story. Angela also  collaborated with the Symphony on another solo presentation  Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

 Technical details

Length of Show: 40 – 45 minutes

Best Grade Suitability: K-4

Educational Value: Musical knowledge, Cultural enrichment, Literacy

Requirements: Sound system for musicians and a large table



“The performance of  Peter & the Wolf bu Angela  was extraordinary. Angela’s exceptional skills in mime, dance and theatre created an enriching interdisciplinary work for the young audiences”.

Heather Duff, B.A., M.F.A. Artistic Director Vancouver Youth Theatre, Vancouver B. C.

“The performance was engaging and educational, mixing storytelling, dance, and mime. There were in depth, with appropriate explanations of the story being told demonstrating how each component of the performance worked together.”Michael Bolianaz, Vice Principal, Van Horne Elementary School, Vancouver B. C.


“ In all of my interactions and colaborations with Angela, I have found her to be one of the most highly creative and talented people I have ever encountered. She is very easy to work with,  reliable, professional and good humoured. On stage, she is truly captivating and she always holds the audience spell bound. Stories come to life with Angela’s strong storytelling abilities expressed through her voice, acting, movement and sometimes puppetry.  I would highly recommend Angela Brown to your organization”.  Holly Duff, B.Mus. Director, West Coast Chamber Music



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