The Long Journey Home

  This interactive story is based on a Chinese Folktale. A young woman travels a long and dusty road to deliver  cakes to her parents. She is stopped by a monster who demands that she give him her cakes. With her courage and with the help of passerbys, she is able to defeat the monster.

It is amazing what we can do if we help one and another.



“We had the Ta Daa Lady at our outdoor Halloween event in 2108, the telling the tale of ” The Long Journey Home”. The kids engaged right away with Stumpy the Puppet, and they were completely involved in the story. They came onstage to be different characters and the Ta Daa Lady supplied costumes as well. Parents were smiling all the way through! Angela’s ability to engage children is a wonder to watch. Her sincerity and the way she tells her stories engenders trust from her audience and her story supported concepts of helping and caring about others. I worked with Angela a while back as part of a Vancouver Parks and Recreation program, Angela was very gifted and is  still  gifted and professional performer. I was so glad to reconnect with her these many years down the road!” 

Meghan Munro, Office Administrator & Member Coordinator, Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Area,  Vancouver B.C.

“Again….I love your storytelling!  Can’t wait to see you again! From one storyteller to another.”  Susan Andrews, Guildford Public Library, Surrey B.C.

Where it all Began

This interactive story is about  the birth of the salmon. An arrogant prince is transformed into an owl by the Spirit of the River. Because of the love of a princess called Many Minds,  he is given a great gift of love and he is  therefore transformed into a salmon…the wisest of fish.

Ta Daa & her Puppets
Riddle Snake
Riddle Horn

Even Ta Daa’s horn has a personality. It loves to tickle!

The King puppet from interactive story 


Finesse the Salmon at Kanaka Creek in Maple Ridge BC.
Below pics from Ta Daa”s Christmas Show
Rainmoose loves the rain and loves Santa