‘ Her performance was exceptional in delineating a range of characters not only in speech but also in movement.   Convincingly, Angela took the audience through different countries, different venues and different scenarios.  Effortlessly, she spoke the voices of many characters.  Movingly, she portrayed the body of each character by a range of subtle shifts of her posture. As a consummate performer, Angela enabled the audience to live the story with her and to be transformed at each stage of the story.   This exceptional presentation enthralled the audience who continue to praise her.” Mary Gavan, Cric Crac Treasurer, Membership Secretary Vancouver Society of Storytelling


“Angela is enthusiastic, committed and dedicated to her craft. We would highly recommend her for any group interested in learning additional skills to becoming effective storytellers to the young or the young at heart.” Kathy Gardner, Coordinator, Burnaby College, B.C.


” Angela Has been performing in our storytelling tent at Surrey’s International children’s Festival for years now. Her style is engaging, hilarious and highly particapitory. She is a wonderful teller who really understands children, she is also a pleasure to work with on the business side of things.” Sara Grant, Manager of Youth Services, Surrey Public Library, Surrey B.C.