Jean Pierre & the Old Woman

Jean Pierre & the Old Woman

An authentic French Canadian fairytale


Jean Pierre and the Old Witch

This interactive story is told with the voice of Jean Pierre  in a blend of French and English.

Baaed on an authentic French Canadian fairytale which was collected over a hundred years ago in Quebec.

A  young man by the name of Jean Pierre leaves his father’s house to seek his fortune. On his way, he becomes lost in an old forest. He finds a ruined castle and meets its mistress, the Old Witch. In Jean Pierre’s encounter with the witch, he discovers a secret forbidden room. He can’t resist entering. He must escape the witch’s wrath and anger.  He escapes with the help of his magical, talking, white horse.

” This story is an enriching interdisciplinary work for young audiences, informative as well as entertaining.” Heather Duff (Artistic Director) Vancouver Youth Theatre

 Holly Duff (West Coast Chamber Music, Vancouver B.C.  Discussion of oral tradition and fairytales, (one of the kernels of literacy) and the origin of the Jean Pierre story. A discussion of how music is used in film and theatre to create atmosphere in the story, enhance the action, colour the words, show emotions, and propel the plot. French content. Authentic oral tradition is all but lost in today’s technological world. Listening to traditional stories activates young imaginations more immediately and directly than almost any other medium. Fairytales can be considered dreamscapes of an entire culture which speak in the language of the unconscious. Therefore, they are universal in their appeal. Jean Pierre is everyman, the hero, who encounters and struggles with the witch and the darkness of her domain. These characters are archetypes that resonate with all ages. Stories such as Jean Pierre and the Old Woman are powerful because they teach us what it is to be human, and potent because they do not teach with the head, but with the heart.