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Angela has been exhibiting her art in galleries, theatre lobbies, dance studios and restaurants in B.C. since the eighties.. In May 2000, she had a solo exhibition of her paintings on Granville street’s Gallery row; Andre Emile Gallery. She had another solo exhibition at Halo Gallery dowtown Vancouver along with Woman in the Wheel.

Story & songs: Angela Brown

Music arranged by Bernard Fernandez

Directed by Micki Maunsell

Woman in the Wheel is based on Angela’s true-to-life experience as a circus dancer in Mexico, is a collage of scenes, songs & dances set against a backdrop of Angela’s colorful circus paintings inspired by the characters in the story.

The Story

A young woman by the name of Claire, journeys from adolescence to adulthood. Her dream comes true when she lands herself a job as a dancer in a circus in Mexico City. Against her mother’s wishes, she runs away to the circus. She finds out that “all that glitters is not gold”, and runs away from the circus, straight into the arms of a Globetrotter who in turn, runs away from her. He leaves her high and dry…and pregnant.

Claire finds herself a star player in the Circus of Life as she walks the tightrope of the working world and performs the most daring feet of all… Motherhood! She comes full circle when one day, her daugther is ready to leave home.”The wheel of life keeps spinning around, lifts us up and it brings us down, it goes round and round and round. Old must passs so the young can begin, their turn on the wheel, their turn to spin, they go round and round and round.


“Claire goes from a rebellious but oh-so-cute teenager to a contemplative mother of a rebellious, oh-so-cute teenager. A little show, not at all pretentious, and full of charm .”

Jo Ledingham Vancouver Courier, B.C.

“Woman in the Wheel is based on Brown’s real life experience…there’s no better way to tell her tale.”

Hester Riches, Vancouver Sun, Vancouver B.C.

“She really had the audience with her professional appeal, she has great versatility to entertain the very young as well as the more mature audience.”

Leslie Aveling, Sunshine Coast News, Sechelt B.C.

“With the aid of theatre, dance, orginal songs and Brown’s own visual art as backdrop, the play delivers an untimately empowering message of strength and persistence.”

Mike Armstrong, Record News, Comox B.C.

“Excellent transitions, range of dynamics and an efffective connection between the visual art and the performance.”

Patti McGregor, Delta Arts Council, Delta B.C.

“The story is funny, poignant and refreshingly original. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.”

Frank Rader Semiahmoo Secondary School, Surrey, B.C

“The topics covered in the play are presented in an original and funny way, that greatly impacts the audience. “

John Zboya, North Surrey Learning Centre, Surrey, B.C.




micki & I

Written by Micki Maunsell & Peter Elliot Weiss

Directed by Micki Maunsell


The Story

Sitting on a Suitcase,  also a one-woman shows for adults was directed by the well-respected director, actor, writer and painter, Micki Maunsell. This is an auto-biographical solo show. based on stories from Micki’s life growing up in India followed by  her schooling in England.

Micki Maunsell’s extraordinary life as a child in India during the Raj, and her life as a young girl in England, where she and her brother were sent off to study at The Royal Academy of Dance and The Royal Academy of Drama.

The play is divided into scenes which are like memories or flashbacks of Micki’s youth, provoked by a court interrogation on the assumed death of her husband.

The actor portrays a wide variety of characters. For example, a Russian ballet teacher, a five year old girl, an Indian nanny, a train porter, a Queen, an ox and a camel, to mention a few.


“Anggela’s performance of SITTING ON A SUITCASE was exceptional in delineating a range of characters not only in speech but also in movement.   Convincingly, Angela took the audience through different countries, different venues and different scenarios.  Effortlessly, she spoke the voices of many characters.  Movingly, she portrayed the body of each character by a range of subtle shifts of her posture As a consummate performer, Angela enabled the audience to live the story with her and to be transformed at each stage of the story.   This exceptional presentation enthralled the audience who continue to praise her.” Mary Gavan, Cric Crac Treasurer, Membership Secretary Vancouver Society of Storytelling



“Maunsell has brought together decades of experience while managing to get Brown to give us a good range of emotions to illustrate, colour and animate the otherwise, what to some, might be called dry, historical material.” Tamas Revoczi, Terminal City Magazine, Vancouver B.C.